Volunteer Drivers Needed in Meaford/Thornbury area To Give their Neighbours a Lift

Media release – Volunteers at Home and Community Support Services of Grey Bruce often provide hours of support to their neighbours. When asked why they do it, a common response is “ I may need this help someday” or “I have met so many interesting people”.

“Several Volunteer Drivers have retired in the Meaford and Thornbury area recently,” said Team Leader, Cindy Zettler.  “ If people have a couple of hours each month or week, you will find rewarding work with us” she added.  Drivers help get clients to appointments,  to shopping, and they help people get to and from our Day Program. Volunteer drivers are reimbursed to help with vehicle expenses.

“Our agency has been providing rides to residents of Grey Bruce for almost 25 years”, commented Andy Underwood, Executive Director for Home and Community Support Services of Grey Bruce.

Current Volunteer Driver, Bill, provides some insight into why he is a volunteer.  “When I retired from years of driving a truck, I found the days long.  I would often just hop in my car and go for a drive to Barrie or Wiarton, because I missed the road.”  Now Bill is busy two to three days a week as he drives people to the Day Away program or to medical appointments. “I really like what I do as a driver.  I know that some people can’t drive anymore, and I know I am a good driver.  When I get people to their appointments, it’s important.”  Day Away clients go to the Meaford Day Away  program at 9:30 in the morning and get a ride home at 3:30, after a busy and fun day.  Volunteer drivers also provide rides to doctor’s appointments, dialysis and shopping trips.  “I have spent many hours and logged many miles when I was a truck driver, and I hope I can keep doing this as a volunteer for a long time”, Bill added with a smile.

Home and Community Support Services of Grey Bruce is a non profit, charitable organization with the Mission “We are a  team of caring staff & volunteers who provide community based services to support independence and enhance the quality of daily life for seniors & their families.”


Movin’ GB Transportation, Meals on Wheels, Day Away, Overnight Relief,  Dining Club, and Volunteer Visiting services are provided from several offices of Home and Community Support Services. In addition, Housekeeping services are provided by paid staff.  For more information about becoming a Volunteer Driver, or other volunteer opportunities or services call 519-372-2091 ext. 2821 or email Cindy Zettler at czettler@homecommunitysupport.com,  or visit www.homecommunitysupport.com.

Contact: Cindy Zettler, Team Leader, Home and Community Support Services of Grey Bruce,  519-372-2091 ext 2821, czettler@homecommunitysupport.com

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