Troubled Waters

A Blue Mountains resident has had it to here with flooding problems in his neighborhood around Patricia Drive.

Tom Strnad said the problem has been ongoing for at least two years.

“I have presented three deputations about the serious nature of the flooding and we have identified that this is caused by a culvert crossing over from Scenic Caves Road into our backyards,” Strnad said. “In 2015 this drainage system was rebuilt on Scenic Caves Road and instead of allowing the water to flow to the bottom of the road, there is an intentional cross culvert of cachement (sic) that dumps a waterfall of water into our backyards with any melt or rain storm.

In 2017 we have already seen three full floods and last May saw over 100 centimetres of water flowing over the road. The town refuses to do anything about this without a drainage study, yet in 2013 they built a new drainage system for $90,000 that they have, on the record, admitted is too small to handle this water flow. This was built without a drainage study or engineering report, an act that is illegal according to the Drainage Act,” Strnad said. “Now they are presenting a plan to have the residents pay $30,000 each to add wastewater service and a new drainage system in 2019. This situation is unacceptable and we are fighting back since it should not be the burden of the residents to pay for failing infrastructure.”

“There is a drainage study proposed for the Price’s subdivision and surrounding area as part of the draft budget plan,” Blue Mountains Mayor John McKean said in an email statement. “We will await council’s decision on whether to proceed with the study. If the study is approved in this year’s budget, council will await the results before considering any further action.”

Strnad said “to date we cannot enjoy our property in the spring or for up to three weeks after any rain fall due to the foul odour and flooded water. Weare concerned with our health and wellness since standing water is around our property for months throughout the year, most of it in a muddy and foul smelling manner. We have also been advised that our septic systems in the area are most likely backwashing from these flood waters and leaving raw sewage seeping into this water mix. All of this
is very dangerous and can lead to bacterial infections such as E Coli and even death.”

The situation is on the agenda for the Jan. 23 council meeting.

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