Thornbury – A Small But Caring Town

To the editor:

It’s amazing how the bigger the city gets, the worse it gets. People don’t care about each other as they rush around, their heads buried in their cell phone world where a pale excuse for an emotion in the remark “like” seems to somehow inspire them.
The other day after travelling from the GTA, my wife and I arrived in Thornbury where I was meeting with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry regarding the fisheries in the area. While I was meeting with the MNR, my wife was doing a bit of shopping. She was again amazed, as I have been, how small town people will look you in the face and smile when they pass by you on the street even saying hi.
After shopping at the Thornbury Foodland she went to the car and unloaded the cart. It wasn’t till we were back home to the Toronto area, that she noticed that she had left about $30 plus of groceries in the bottom tray of the cart. She felt very disappointed and thought she had seen the last of them. We both agreed to call the store and speak to the manager, Brian Leduc. We were surprised to hear that the left groceries were returned to the store. We couldn’t believe it. Then Brian even surprised us by mailing a store credit card with the amount we left, on it. We received the card very quickly.
This definitely restores our faith in the true spirit of Christmas that was exhibited by a small town and its caring people.

Thank you, Brian
Thank you, Foodland/ Sobeys
And Thank you, Thornbury

Kindest regards and Warmest Wishes in Return for 2018

Gary Christie

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