Things that go boom in the night

If anyone thought last weekend was a loud and noisy one – particularly Saturday night – you can blame the weather.

That’s the word from the people at 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford.

Social media lit up on Saturday night as some people were concerned the loud noises that were shaking their houses might have been earthquakes. Instead, the disturbances were due to an exercise at the former Meaford tank range, with up to 600 visiting soldiers in attendance.

The complaints spread from Meaford throughout The Blue Mountains, which is more unusual. The Thornbury Paper also received a few inquiries as to what was causing the disturbance.

The firing and explosions began Saturday morning, and continued well into the evening and night. While that’s generally familiar to anyone in the area, weather conditions intensified the sound and carried it further to the east than normal, according to Captain Cameron Hillier, the Public Affairs Officer, 4th Canadian Division Headquarters/Joint Task Force (Central).

Hillier said no public service announcement was issued about the exercises, because the anticipated activities “didn’t meet the threshold” set by departmental policies. Also, public relations staff hadn’t been made aware of the exercise, which were expected to be routine, according to Hillier and Captain Karyn Mazurek, 2 CMBG Public Affairs Officer.

He added that “meteorological conditions” were suspected to be the cause of the louder-than-anticipated explosions and added to the distance they carried.

Hillier said the base had received no calls that he was aware of, despite the social media outcry. He planned to make further inquiries.

By Wednesday, the original social media posts had been deleted.

Last March, activities at the base also caused some consternation among the residents in adjacent communities during a large-scale training exercise.

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