Technical issues hopefully solved

The Blue Mountains is looking to put its technical problems with the council live stream behind it.

Monday evening’s council meeting saw the live Internet stream malfunction, with the audio not working and, for some people, the stream locking up.

“The technical issue was due to the electronics being modified during recent work on improving the overall sound within the council chambers and the Town Hall Atrium,| said interim chief administrative officer Shawn Everitt. “We had received some feedback regarding the overall sound quality during meetings and also were requested to improve the assisted hearing devices sound quality.

During this work these revisions apparently effected the live streaming audio feed and we were not aware that the system was affected by those modifications.”

There was limited technical support available to handle the matter as it happened Monday evening, Everitt said.

“We feel confident that this issue will not be repeated, and due to the appropriate safeguards and preventative maintenance and testing we have in place after Monday’s issue. However, we also identify that with electronics and the potential of having issues with live streaming that may also be out of our control, we cannot be absolutely sure that technical issues may not take place in the future.”

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