Reader has questions on economic development report

There are many interesting comments in the (economic development) article that should be addressed.

Banff is not a comparable as it is very contained and not spread out into different communities.

Banff businesses must provide staff housing to their employees. Transit is provided to all staff (Sunshine, Norquay, Lake Louise etc) Everything to live is easily accessible in the town site (and) can be walked/biked to.

This area consists of second homeowners and not tourists. This does not exist in Banff as you must work within the park to be a homeowner. Blue Mountain and its neighbouring businesses are the focal point for the “tourist” from the city. I would think that there is a very small percentage of travellers from other parts of the world visiting this area or seeing it as a destination.

Fort McMurray has been challenged with pay scale but the oil patch dictates their own terms with cost of living in a secluded or captive area.

When is the last time any of the Economic Development Ccommittee (members) actively searched for employment? Eight hundred job postings in which category?  Four-hundred-and-fifty (jobs) are $20,000 or less. One-hundred-and-sixty are $40,000 or less. Fifty-five are $60,00 or less. Breaking down full-time and part-time in the different categories changes the appearance and desirability. There are several job postings that are recruiting tools for other areas. Some are misleading in the income levels. Its not as it appears.

Blue Mountain does not have an abundance of jobs that pay six figures.

What are the answers to the questions that were the point of discussion? Understand the environment and our individual areas as they are not the same or comparable to others. Thornbury is not the Village… just an opinion based on experiences,

Bill Dennis

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