Public criticism continues for Grey County over long-term care

By T.S. Giilck Not surprisingly, it appears the public around The Blue Mountains and north-eastern Grey County aren’t any happier about the decision to eventually close Grey Gables and building a new consolidated long-term care facility in Durham than their political representatives. This is just horrible. Yet another case of the elderly not being treated with the respect and dignity they deserve,” said Debbie Edwards Luptak on Facebook. “With any luck we will all be in that situation someday and it is sad that politics and money are more important than people. First wanting to close the school and now this- what is going to happen to Markdale? How sad for Markdale and Grey County!” Those comments were echoed by other people, including Valerie O’Neil Shaw. “This is the most short-sighted, selfish, idiotic, power motivated move I have ever seen. Some people want their names on a new building rather than thinking of the needs of a community and its seniors.” Gwen Hutchinson wrote “Once again, bureaucrats put politics and money ahead of the well-being and comfort of seniors needing long term care. Do the people making these decisions forget that they too will ‘get old’, some day? And actually, … Continue reading Public criticism continues for Grey County over long-term care