Open Letter to the Community

Dear Resident of Clarksburg,
The Town has initiated a Municipal Class Master Plan Environmental Assessment to consider water and wastewater servicing within Clarksburg. That may sound like a complicated process but it’s not. The underlying goal of the study is to engage the Community of Clarksburg in an extensive discussion of options on how Clarksburg residents should obtain their drinking water and dispose of their wastewater either privately or municipally.
We want to bring some certainty to the community so you can make investment and other decisions knowing what the servicing solution is for Clarksburg over the next 10 years or so.
A wide variety of options will be looked at including ‘do nothing’. They range from remaining on private services to full municipal servicing, and any number of possible solutions in-between.
We very much want to hear your ideas as well of how water supply and wastewater treatment could be provided so we can explore those ideas too. Many factors will go into evaluating the options. Those include considering environmental, economic and social/ cultural impacts. Community feedback will be invaluable.
We appreciate that this will be a difficult discussion for many particularly when it comes to how any works will be funded and how it would affect your property. Any project will only go ahead if the costs are considered affordable to the property owners. Very likely the funding mix will have to include grant funding from the provincial and federal governments.
Starting in early November the project consultant, JL Richards, will be visiting each home in Clarksburg to inventory the existing servicing. They wish to ask questions about your well and septic system. Your participation is voluntary and no one will enter your lands without your permission. Any information you provide will be kept confidential by the consultant. The Town will only receive compiled results. We hope you will participate in the inventory so we have the most complete picture of the community as possible. Good information leads to good decisions.
For further information on the project please visit the project webpage at or send an email to
You can always as well contact the undersigned.
John McKean
(519) 599-3131 x 260
Reg Russwurm, MBA, P. Eng.
Director, Infrastructure & Public Works
(519) 599-3131 x 400
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