Library board appoints new interim CEO

By T.S. Giilck
In a surprise move, The Blue Mountains Public Library Board has appointed an interim chief administrative officer until a replacement for Terry Pope can be hired.
Pope was released suddenly last month with little explanation from the board.
The move was announced late Monday afternoon by the board and The Blue Mountains.
“The Blue Mountains Public Library Board knows that a search for a permanent CEO is a critically
important task that will take some time. We estimate that a comprehensive process will take a
minimum of three months. At the same time, we want to ensure to our library, staff and
community continue to be well served,” the board stated.
“The board wishes to acknowledge, with sincere gratitude, the willingness of Andrea Wilson, our Museum Curator, to step into the role of Acting CEO.”
The interim CEO is Cindy Weir.
“Cindy holds a Master of Library Science, and has a long and successful career in the public
library field. She has earned special recognition among her peers across the province,
particularly in the areas of Children’s Rights in the Public Library and has been very active in the
Ontario Library Association (OLA). She has been a highly successful CEO in Sault Ste.
Marie, Owen Sound and Orangeville,” the board stated.
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