Interim library CEO hired to reduce staff workload

By T.S. Giilck

The decision to hire an interim chief executive officer (CEO) at the L.E. Shore Memorial Library was made to reduce the workload of staff, particularly Andrea Wilson, who had been filling the position since March.

That was the word Tuesday from board chair and Blue Mountains Mayor John McKean, who spoke to the issue from Montreal, where he was attending a conference.

“The process (to hire a new person) is going to take a few months, and our acting CEO, Andrea Wilson, really wanted to get back to doing her museum activities (at the Craigleith Depot), and we thought we were better off going with someone who’s experienced to fill in,” McKean said.

The interim CEO, Cindy Weir, will be paid out of the funds allocated for Terry Pope, the former CEO, who was let go from her position two weeks ago.

“What we’re paying her what we would have been paying our former CEO,” McKean said.

Weir is also welcome to apply for the permanent position, he added.

“There’s nothing to preclude her from applying. We would view her application with the same lens we apply to them all.”

One of the things Weir will deal with, alongside the board, is the implementation of a new strategic plan, including improving communications with the public.

“One of the first things we want to do is go to the public and see what they want,” McKean said.

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