Integrity commissioner report tops agenda

Tonight’s regular meeting of Blue Mountains council has a few interesting items on it.

There will be a series of letters and a delegation regarding seasonal road limits. Many people around the area, Christie Beach for one, are reliant on bulk water deliveries to fill cisterns as no other water source is available to them.

The seasonal limits will mean bulk water suppliers such as Baymount Services will have to make more trips to service their clients, which is likely to drive up the cost to customers.

Baymount is looking for an exemption to the limits to continue making affordable deliveries to these clients.

Later on the agenda is a report from the integrity commissioner. The report deals with a complaint filed by an unidentified person concerning a council matter. In the report, the integrity commissioner stated that a council member approached other council members about a prior workplace complaint. None of the parties were identified.

Further details are limited, but the complaint was dismissed and unfounded due to its vague nature.

The council will also discuss mandatory certification for firefighter training, hear from a group of students from Beaver Valley Community School, and a request for council to reconsider provide some funding to the Beaver Valley Community Centre.


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