Craigleith short-term accommodator to be shut down

After winning a contentious Ontario Municipal Board hearing, The Blue Mountains is moving to close down a short-term accommodator.

The Blue View Chateaux, located at 209553 Highway 26 in Craigleith, was deemed to be operating illegally at the hearing last month, and ordered to shut down after the upcoming Family Day weekend in February.

The property has been operating as a short-term accommodator following numerous denials of a license by the town. The dispute had been taken to the OMB for a final decision to be rendered.

The board provided extensive analysis for its decision, but one section was particularly informative.

“Finally, and most specifically, the applications are found to not conform with the intent and policy of the Blue Mountains Official Plan for short-term accommodators.”

At Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, the decision of the board was discussed at some length, with Coun. John McGee questioning whether the town should allow the property to remain open until February instead of moving to shut it down immediately.

Interim chief administrative officer Sean Everitt explained the delay was suggested by staff so that people who had already booked a reservation at the location through that period wouldn’t be inconvenienced.

McGee said he found the idea that the owners of the property would still receive revenues from an illegal operation for another month or so unappealing.

His perspective found immediate support with Mayor John McKean, and after more discussion, the council voted to deal with the matter at its council meeting later this month.

If the motion passes at the meeting, the owners of the property will be sent a registered letter to cease operations immediately.

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