County sticks to its plan for long-term care

Grey County council is holding firm on its decision to redevelop its approach to long-term care by potentially building an amalgamated facility in Durham and eventually selling Grey Gables.

A motion to reconsider that redevelopment plan was emphatically turned down on Thursday during a committee-of-the-whole meeting.

Grey Highlands Deputy-mayor Stewart Halliday made an attempt to introduce the motion, but procedural rules for the county tied the discussion into knots for several minutes.

A subsequent recorded vote rejected the idea attempted to introduce a motion asking the county to reconsider its plans that would see a new home built in Durham and Grey Gables in Markdale eventually sold.

The resolution fell far from receiving the two-thirds council support required to re-open a discussion on a motion that has already passed.

A large audience booed in disappointment and frustration as the result was announced.

The county’s plan will see it explore the feasibility an amalgamated 166-bed long-term care home in Durham to replace the 100-bed Rockwood Terrace and the 66-bed Grey Gables.

The estimated cost of building the new home in Durham is $38 million.

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