Council tonight to discuss open mic provisions

Monday’s council meeting has a few items that could be of some interest.

The item with the most potential for public interest is likely a discussion of the procedural bylaw and some proposed changes.

The provisions for adding an “open mic” section to the committee of the whole and council meetings should provide some interesting fodder for discussion.

Staff has proposed adding 30 minutes of time in three separate blocks for public discussion during the committee of the whole meetings. That initial recommendation didn’t include a provision for doing something similar at council meetings.

At the suggestion of Coun. Joe Halos, a 15-minute block of time is being proposed for public questions during council meetings.

The proposed changes, if council agrees, will next go to a public meeting for more input.

The council will also hear a presentation from Grey County on economic development issues.

In the correspondence, council might choose to discuss an open letter criticizing the town’s handling of Michael Seguin’s ongoing legal action against the town re the sanctions imposed on him for violations of workplace harassment and bullying legislation following an investigation carried out for the town.

The meeting can be viewed via live-streaming on the municipal web page, although it appears to be having some technical difficulties this morning.


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