Council meeting has potential to be interesting

This evening’s council meeting promises to be an interesting one.

From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. a public meeting on the draft 2018 budget is scheduled to be held.

After that, the fireworks might begin in earnest.

There are three letters on the agenda regarding the ongoing legal dispute between Michael Seguin and The Blue Mountains over harassment allegations that were upheld by an investigation over the last two years.

In one letter, Julia Hinds stated “There have been concerns expressed in our community, however, that the charges were politically motivated… I, like many others I have spoken to on this matter, would like to see this matter resolved as fairly and expediently as possible. How much has been spent on legal fees so far, how long do you anticipate it will take to reach a resolution and what will be the ultimate cost to the Town, financially, and to its reputation?”

In another letter, Alar Soever urged the town to come to “a reasonable settlement” on this issue.

The Blue Mountains Ratepayers Association, via board member Paula Hope, also urged the town to hire a mediator or take steps to resolve the issue.

There is also a deputation scheduled from Rosemary Gosselin, representing the Citizen’s Forum Communications Committee, to address the council on how better to handle discussions with the public.


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