Council Briefs

Monday evening’s council meeting was over in near record time at 22 minutes, but there were still a few items of interest.

Going viral

There could be a lot more eyes on Blue Mountains council and committee meetings in the near future.

Nearly a year after it was first discussed, the town is moving ahead with streaming its meetings over the Internet.

The first trials will start next week as the budget process gets under way, Mayor John McKean said Monday evening after the council voted to ratify recording and streaming the meetings.

The meetings will be broadcast live, and will also be available as recordings over the municipal website.

McKean said he had no idea of how many people would take advantage of the service, but added he thought it was a great idea to offer it.

If all goes well with the initial trials, the meetings will be available for viewing in time for the December council meeting.

Curb your speed

The Blue Mountains is looking into whether the speed limit on Highway 26 near Goldsmith’s apples should be adjusted.

The move follows a request from a resident in the area to slow traffic down around the westerns outskirts of Thornbury.

No immediate moves are expected before a committee examines the issue.

Town, county potentially at odds

Grey County is moving to allow short-term accommodators to open in rural areas, and that’s likely to run afoul of The Blue Mountains policy on short-term accommodators.

McKean said the town was going to have to sit down with the county to discuss the issue, which has been a contentious one locally.

If that’s not successful, The Blue Mountains will have to consider taking the matter to the Ontario Municipal Board, he added.

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