Clarksburg Village Association to receive funding

The newly-formed Clarksburg Village Association has preliminary approval for what’s being called a “generous” grant from The Blue Mountains.

“The Clarksburg Village Association is very grateful and thrilled to have received the generous amount of $2,000 from the Town of Blue Mountains for our Artsburg Days event,” Sarah Filion said following a morning of deliberation on Wednesday.

“Thanks in part to this grant Artsburg Day is now a three-day event happening Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 20, 21 and 22nd in the quaint village of Clarksburg.”

The association, which is acting as an informal Business Improvement Area organization for the village, had asked for $5,000, but it was clear early on in the discussion that amount wasn’t going to be available.

For the most part, the association’s request was regarded favourably by the council, which was doing a juggling act trying to accommodate dozens of requests. As a new organization, the association didn’t have a history with the town to fall back on.

“We’re not eligible for most funding because it’s a new organization,” Filion said. “Most grants want an organization to be around for at least a year.”

She said business-people in Clarksburg have been enthusiastic supporter of the association so far, which has been a pleasant surprise.

“I have full support. I didn’t know what to expect, so it’s a wonderful, wonderful surprise.”

Membership drives are underway, and the association is looking diligently for every source of funding and fund-raising available.

Still, it’s a bit of a slog finding enough money currently to plan events, so the funding from the town is crucial, Filion said.

“Whatever the town doesn’t pay I’ll pay for out of my own pocket – but I shouldn’t have to do that for a town event,” she said.

Deputy-mayor Gail Ardiel said “we need to help Clarksburg out.”

“We won’t be able to give you the full amount, but you can’t thrive in a town without economic development.”

The funding will be formally approved at an upcoming council meeting. Committee of the whole decisions are not binding.


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