Clarksburg is back in economic development

Clarksburg is back at the table.

The village is taking up a spot on the Economic Development Committee that it once held. Sarah Filion will be the representative.

“When the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) was formed, the Clarksburg Business Association was a member,” said Economic Development officer Elizabeth Cornish following Monday’s committee of the whole meeting. “However, for various reasons, that group was no longer active, and the position was put ‘on hold’ until they, or another group representing Clarksburg businesses, was formed.”

“For us, it means that we get input on the issues that are important to Clarksburg right at the table, so to speak. For them, by incorporating the Clarksburg Village Association as a not-for-profit, they are able to apply for funding to hold events and otherwise promote Clarksburg through the Grants and Donations program.”

Cornish said Clarksburg will now be able to “apply for funds during the year through the Economic Development Initiative budget, but those amounts are much lower than the G&D program.”


“As far as Clarksburg goes, it was important to me to help the Town of Clarksburg have a significant voice in the Town, and get them any support they need from the other business organizations at the table.”

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