March is Fraud Prevention Month

March 19, 2018

There are many forms and variations of frauds and scams, with new ones emerging on a daily basis. The best defence is to be aware of them and to thus prevent it from [...]

It’s time to talk about tourism

February 22, 2018

Apparently, Councillor Joe Halos isn’t afraid to poke a hornet’s nest. That’s what he did Wednesday morning during a committee of the whole meeting when he [...]

Siegwart responds to letter

February 14, 2018

To The Editor: I am thrilled that readers are engaging in this important dialogue by asking key questions, including the recent comments submitted by Mr. Bill Dennis. [...]

Seguin’s return a welcome one

February 6, 2018

Welcome back, Coun. Michael Seguin After an absence from the council table of approximately six months, Seguin reappeared about three weeks ago, and since his return [...]
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