BMRA holds public forum

The Blue Mountains Ratepayers Association has a bushel-basket of ideas to mull over after hosting an open house/round-table forum Saturday. The goal, according to BMRA president Peter Bordignon, was to have the community members – and BMRA members – provide some valuable input on what the pressing issues are that are facing The Blue Mountains. “We want to engage the public, find out what their feelings, and gauge the issues that are important to them. We want to know what matters to them. We want to know what their thoughts are on issues that we’re covering, and maybe issues that we aren’t covering.” “We try to cover a lot of avenues, but we likely don’t get to anything.” Bordignon noted the BMRA had presented two cheques to Beaver Valley Outreach and to the Events For Life centre before the meeting started. That was an outgrowth of input from the community, which had clamoured for more social-issue involvement from the association. He said the money came from the inaugural “Barn Dance” held in August, one of the first such initiatives organized by the BMRA. While Bordignon said BMRA members were more than welcome to attend, he said he was really hoping … Continue reading BMRA holds public forum