Annual winter driving skills program for teens coming up

Winter Driving and Skid Control


Course Outline

Introduction to winter driving problems

Modern automotive technology – how it affects your driving

How to start moving safely on slippery roads

Stopping safely – even in a panic situation

Preventing skids because it is easier than skid control

Understeer skids (front wheel)

Oversteer skids (rear wheel)

Out of control spins

Collision Avoidance – how to avoid other drivers

Black ice



How to recognize when it is slippery

How to prepare for driving in winter

Students will be shown and have a chance to practice skid control and more importantly skid prevention with progressive in-class and in-vehicle training.

All exercises are designed to allow students to practice real winter driving scenarios.  Instructors will use positive feedback and reassurance to help develop a healthy positive approach to safe winter driving.

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